We all love to travel hassle-free. It is important to carry our identity documents while we travel in our own country also. It is mandatory that while we travel outside to have a copy of our documents. There might be times when you forget to carry the documents with you. It is not always possible to carry on documents in the form of hardcopy as you can displace them.   However, with the shift to digital technology, we are learning to save all our documents on our mobile phones. This is the most convenient way to keep it handy and safe at the same time. But you might have ample documents and files or images on your mobile phone. This will create confusion or take more time than usual to find the document you are looking for.


WhatsApp simply doesn’t need any introduction. WhatsApp becomes a daily part of our life and daily routine. How quickly we shifted from text messages and other applications to WhatsApp. What’s up is an app application that is available on android as well as iOS for communication and interaction. Anyone can use it with an internet connection. There can be an exchange of messages as well as videos or images, documents, and audio files. WhatsApp offers the option of audio calls as well as video calls which can be merged with multiple people at the same time.

What’s App is a platform where there is no age bar. Whether it is the younger age group or the older one, every person today will have WhatsApp on their mobile phone. The process of using WhatsApp is also very easy. You just need the mobile number of any Sim card operator. 

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All about Digi locker

An initiative under the Digital India program has been driven. DigiLocker is aiming to contribute to a digital environment by providing people with access to authentic digital documents. It is hard to carry all your documents everywhere you go. The hard copy of your documents may also be misplaced when you are traveling and you might lose track of it. As we all know it is very difficult to make them again as we have to run throughout the process.

To make this process easier, the government of India is trying to make this environment more transparent and accessible to the citizens. Citizens can now use my GOV help desk on WhatsApp. They can access digital local services through this. The Digital India program aims at launching a Digital locker and strengthening the whole environment in the digital world across the nation. This DigiLocker will act as a document wallet. Any document that you save in the DigiLocker will be categorized as certified and verified documents. My GOV on WhatsApp is helping to promote digital inclusion and efficient governance. We can find documents such as PAN cards, driving licenses, vehicle registration certificates, etc on Digi Locker.

My GOV chatbot is also available on WhatsApp to build a support system what is the designers who are in need to access these resources or services. Also, other documents such as your mark sheet, and insurance policy will be available on a DigiLocker. WhatsApp users across the country can now take the help of a chatbot by sending Namaste high or DigiLocker via WhatsApp. The number given is +919013151515. As a lot of people use WhatsApp and our families with it, the government has decided to take the step. What’s up is an easy and accessible platform with almost a hundred million-plus users.

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DigiLocker prove to be a great resource during the COVID-19 pandemic

DigiLocker has become the most convenient way for users to access their documents. Since its launch in March 2020, the government help desk on WhatsApp has served as a critical instrument in fighting Covid 19. The pandemic was keeping everyone restricted to their homes or wherever they were stuck. The platform was offering people authentic sources of Covid related information. The doctors were trying their best to serve each patient and save people. However, the digital world has helped the government to keep track of all the data of the Covid 19 patients. It also helped the government to keep a track of how many people have received the vaccination and so on.

Information such as critical uses like a vaccine, appointment booking, and vaccine certificate. Over 80 million people have reached out to the help desk and over 33 million vaccine certificates have been downloaded through it. Also, millions of vaccination appointments have been booked across the country. With new upgrades and additions like DigiLocker, my government chatbot on WhatsApp aims to build a comprehensive administrative support system for citizens. This will prove to be a great help to the citizens to access resources and essential services that are digitally inclusive.

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How to use it?

You can simply download the DigiLocker app on your mobile phone. Create a user ID using your mobile number and Aadhaar card number. Login to your DG locker account with the help of OTP on your mobile phone and redirect to the issued document section.


DigiLocker has proved to be a great resource provided by the government for the citizens.

The difference is noticed just a few years after it is launched. DigiLocker will be contributing to many helpful purposes in the future. The government will be happy to help with the help of technology and the digital world. It is also easy for the girl to reach out to is it through the digital world as everyone is connected. People can also easily trust this platform as it is provided by the government itself. Digi locker is secure to use. The application is designed with all the necessary security measures to keep your data protected. The app is secured under ISO27001 which standards to secure your personal as well as financial information.  Any information you provide to issue documents is encrypted. There is also mobile authentication-based signup. Users can authenticate their access using mobile OTP. DigiLocker terminates sessions when the app detects no activity for long periods.

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